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Hoard of Bonus Content

Every dragon needs a hoard! Add these behind the scenes extras to your collection.

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PC System Requirements

Component Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows 7
64bit OS Required
Windows 10
64bit OS Required
Processor i5-3330 i7-6700K
(buuuut technically the game will run on as low as a DirectX 9.0c card (Shader Model 3) with 256MB VRAM... but performance might be real bad on very old cards)
GTX 1070 w/ 4GB VRAM
(DirectX 11 card (Shader Model 5) or later highly suggested for HDR goodness)
Memory 2.5 GB Ram
(The game itself uses about 1.3GB ram in lowest settings)
6 GB Ram
Storage 8 GB free 8 GB free
Input Controller
Monitor 16:9 Aspect Ratio

Drug Reference
Sexual Themes