Frequently Asked Questions - General

What is the current status of the game?

Check out the game status page.

When will it launch on <Platform>?

Please keep in mind this is all subject to change, but here is my current thought process on releasing the game:

Phase 1 - Development / PC Direct

I am selling the game directly to fans initially while it continues to be developed. Gameplay will be released in bits, until the entire game is complete.

Phase 2 - US Console

Once it is complete we will launch on PlayStation®4 & Nintendo Switch™ in USA. (It already runs great on both consoles, but I think console gamers will prefer a finished experience instead of a WIP experience).

Phase 3/4 - Worldwide Console

Including multiple language support on Nintendo Switch™ & PS4™ and releasing the game into as many territories worldwide as possible.

Phase 3/4 - Worldwide Steam

There are a couple reasons I'm launching Steam later, but they all boil down to that getting your game to be promoted within the Steam store is very difficult in 2019. By waiting, we have a better chance of our launch being good. This is because:
  1. As a dev, you need as many wishlists / dev page follows as possible (we're currently at 1.9% of the number rumored amongst indies to be needed for a good launch)
  2. Having your game localized can really help to show it to non-English speaking users.
  3. A bad review score can really kill your game, so launching a finished experience instead of a partially completed one lets people review it on the final quality instead of WIP quality.
So my hope is by launching later, the game will have a better chance of success on Steam.

(Not quite sure on the order of phase 3 & 4, they may swap or be at the same time.)

Will the price change when the game is launched?

It may, final pricing has not yet been determined.

How long is the game planned to be?

The game is planned to be ~90 minutes long. It's pretty rare you see a comedy film longer than 90 minutes, and there's a good reason for that -- comedy just isn't very funny after an hour of it. I once did a open mic that was like four and a half hours long and by the end it was... oof. So yeah, enjoy a nice short comedic experience :P

Why don't you accept Paypal?

I will not accept Paypal directly, as they're very unreliable to indie developers (and also sucks for customers, too). It's easy to get money into a Paypal account, but apparently quite difficult to get it out (a huge number of people report Paypal locking funds for six months at a time).

Later on, you'll probably be able to buy the game via Paypal once the game is sold via a larger distributor/reseller. This is because I wouldn't have to deal with Paypal directly.

In the meanwhile, don't forget you can buy via credit/debit card. (I don't receive your card number, it's safely handled by Stripe). If you don't have a card, you can buy bitcoin at certain ATMs with cash and send payment to me that way (see Bitcoin payment page for details).

Can I stream / post videos of the game?

It is okay to stream the first half of the game or so -- basically anything before George leaves Squelch. Please do not post/stream full game playthroughs.

Can I have a free copy of the game?

No, sorry.

PC Version Questions

If I buy direct, will I get a Steam key later?

Probably, but this is not guaranteed. If we end up not launching on Steam for whatever reason, or are unable to receive a grant of keys from Steam, then Steam keys will not be provided. However, I currently expect both of these things to happen so most likely you will receive a key. If playing via Steam is very important to you, you may wish to wait until Steam launch and buy it via there.

Is there DRM?

Yes, but it is pretty minimal. Details follow:

How does it work?
It is an internet activation check on your game key, limiting how many computers can run it.

What if I upgrade my system, can I run out of activations?
The activations expire over time, so there is no problem if you upgrade computers.

Does it modify my system files?
It does not modify your system files in any way and does not run in the background or require special privledges.

Can I play offline?
Yes. Just boot the game up to its Main Menu screen with an internet connection and then play sometime within the following two weeks.

My goal with the DRM is to make something light enough that it's unnoticeable by people who legitimately play the game, but still deters piracy. Stopping piracy is important, because game sales directly affect whether I can keep making games or not. Roughly 90% of copies of my last game, MOI, were pirated. If even some of them had bought the game instead, it could have been improved and expanded instead of having to go back to contract work. I want to be able to continue making fun games for you instead of running out of money a third time, so if you're a pirate, please consider buying a legitimate copy of the games you play -- at an indie scale, every single purchase really does make a difference.

I have another question

Check out the forums, discord, and support site.

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