Game Status

How long will the final build of the game be?

Similar length to a comedy film, approximately 90 minutes long.

How much gameplay is in the current build?

Approximately 45 minutes. It includes these areas:

What areas are planned in future and what are the rough status of them?

Part of Game Status Notes In build?
Map Currently placeholder art; final next build Yes
Intro Complete Yes
George's Apartment Complete Yes
Alleyway Complete Yes
Squelch Main Complete Yes
Squelch->Castle Transition Art done, pending anim No
Castle (Ayraw) Pending audio & final art bits No
Castle (Both) Pending last bits of art No
Ending Art done, pending final anims and audio No
Credits Not started No
Minigame: Crane Complete Yes
Minigame: Point Threader Needs final art/audio No
Minigame: (Secret) Playableish No
Trophies Planned No
Voiceover Stretch Goal No
Localization Support Tech planned to allow for community translations No

Drug Reference
Sexual Themes