Game Status

How long will the final build of the game be?

Similar length to a comedy film, approximately 90 minutes long.

How much gameplay is in the current build?

All of it!

How much gameplay is in the full game relative to the Steam Festival Build

The full game release now includes the castle level and game ending. George and Ayraw must fix the castle's paternoster in order to complete the audit. Search the castle for useful parts, and delve into their backstories. In the ending, experience a detailed, emotionally impactful cinematic.

What areas are planned in future and what are the rough status of them?

Part of Game Dev Status In current Very Early Access / Full Game build? In Steam Festival Demo build?
Map Complete Yes Yes
Intro Complete Yes Yes
George's Apartment Complete Yes Yes
Alleyway Complete Yes Yes
Squelch Main Complete Yes Yes
Squelch->Castle Transition Complete Yes Yes
Castle (Ayraw) Complete Yes Yes
Castle (Both) Complete Yes No
Ending Complete Yes No
Credits Complete Yes No
Minigame: Crane Complete Yes Yes
Minigame: Point Threader Complete Yes Yes
Minigame: (Secret) Complete Yes Yes
Trophies Complete for standalone, not yet started for Steam Yes No
Voiceover Stretch Goal (only if game does well at launch) No No
Merch Stretch Goal, TBD -- --
Bonus / Behind the scenes features Planned, some footage Yes No
Localization Support Tech complete, community translations under way Yes No

Drug Reference
Sexual Themes