Game Status

How long will the final build of the game be?

Approximately 90 minutes of gameplay.

How much gameplay is in the current build?

About 15 minutes. It includes these areas:

What areas are planned in future and what are the rough status of them?

Part of Game Status Notes In build?
Map Currently placeholder art; final next build Yes
Intro Complete Yes
George's Apartment Complete Yes
Alleyway Complete Yes
Squelch Main Almost done No
Squelch->Castle Transition Not started No
Castle (Ayraw) Pending audio & final art bits No
Castle (Both) Pending final art/anims No
Ending Storyboarded, characters created, needs environment & anims No
Credits Not started No
Minigame: Crane Gameplay/Art complete; pending audio No
Minigame: Point Threader Needs final art/audio No
Minigame: (Secret) Playableish No
Trophies Planned No
Voiceover Stretch Goal No

Drug Reference
Sexual Themes